Sinister Six on Survivor

Welcome to Megaman Survivor


The playing field for this quest is an unchartered, island (of course)miles from civilization. Where twenty one contestants (Robot Masters) compete to see who will be the last to survive. They must now struggle to endure the unforgiving wild of their surrondings, the daily battle to find food and water (of course robots don't need such stuff), the gruelling challenges that test their courage, endurance and wits. Their Battle Skills, their Powers, their unique abilities, the body odour, the karaoke, the danger of each others useless prattle. Who will emerge as the final survivor?

As we drop our 21 Robot buddies 30 feet from a soaring plane, they land on the island. Our hapless survivors ...divided into two equally matched teams ... are permitted to grab just one personal belonging before they stumble out of the wreckage to confront the most formidable adventure of their lives. Each day of their grim existence brings tears and heartache, revelation and self-knowledge.

Your host, (which hasn't been decided yet), will present them with a series of Challenges where the winning team receives valuable information to make their lives a little easier.

Further challenges pitting one team against the other provide "immunity" to the winning team. The losing team meets at Sinister Six HQ at the end of each 24-hour period ... called a "day". Duh right? ... and must vote to eliminate one member of their team.

The host presents the Megaman: Survivor diary as a day-by-day record of this extraordinary event. But first, let's introduce the contestants...

Jonathan as Clownman. Loves Cappachino, and playing jokes.

John as Metalman. Sharp and witty. Enjoys a challenge.

Ben as Magma Dragoon. Very tempermental. Don't get him pissed off.

Egoraptor as Gyroman. He can fly, but also claims to be a "stud".

Generic Rick as Brightman. He can lend a volt, though a coward at times.

Chibi Keba as Heat Ma'am. She's smart, but a tad unorthadox. 0_0

Andon as Elecman. Andon is a pacifist, and very intellegent.

Jason as Cutman. Though a tad grumpy, Jason proves to be a true survivor.

Gary as Iceman. A prankster, yet idiotic. But a well balanced survivor.

Shortcut as himself. The underdog. Very clever and a great strategy planner.

Gauntlet as Shadowman. Mysterious yet smart. Has a habit of vanishing a lot though.

Jacob as Snakeman. A tad clumsy, but sneaky and sly. Good for searching.

Ken as Flameman. Likes to be challanged. Enjoys good gambles and bets.

Erik as Windman. A great leader-type. Always leads the charge into battle.

Chris as Dustman. Though mute, and constantly in danger. He is a good team player.

Gringo as Woodman. Young and outgoing, but always getting into trouble.

Shadow Blade as Bubbleman. Likes playing around a lot, espcially with odd gadgets.

Tristan as Quickman. In da hood, Tristan don't take crap from no one. He's much of a loner.

Josh Downey as Cloudman. He can bring up a storm, but isn't always there. He's from down unda.

Octobomb as Waveman. Not liked by many, but always tries his hardest.

Super Chaos as The Yellow Devil. The annoying bad guy that enjoys to see people suffer.

Ummm...we seem to have a odd number of people here. We can't very well split 21 people into two teams evenly, so without further ado. We go to the first vote off. All 21 members head off to Sinister Six HQ where they try to turn in ballets to vote off a survivor. Unfortunatly there was a pure shut out... and well, everyone just pointed out who they wanted to vote off.

Voted Off: GARY (ICEMAN): Everyone had voted off Iceman in an attempt to end his dang blasted annoying pranks and jokes. All except Ben (Magma Dragoon) who voted for Ken (Flameman), cause he hated having another fire-based robot along side him. Plus Ben and Gary are close friends. And of course Gary voting off Gauntlet (Shadowman) for a reason he didn't say.

Exiting Shot: "It's not fair. I can't belive everyone voted for me!! And I thought I was the most popular symbol to hit the Megaman Community! Damnation! I expected to last at least through the 4th and 5th rounds! Oh...but I'll get my revenge.
Host Statement: Iceman would of lasted a lot longer, if he'd stop pranking people beyond insanity in the past. Unfortunatly for him, everyone of the contestants had suffored a prank by Iceman, and revenge was in order.

The Teams have been made

TEAM Oldies

"Classic Megaman Characters"

Team consisting of Jason, Andon, John, Shadow Blade, Gringo, Chibi Keba, Gauntlet, Jacob, Tristan, and Super Chaos. These members are known for being older but yet with more experience than the other "newer" robot models. They have knowledge along with years of training and fighting techniques, though their technical data may not be as advanced as their newer counter parts.

TEAM Newbies

"Newer Megaman Characters"

Team consisting of Rick, Chris, Shortcut, Egoraptor, Octobomb, Ken, Erik, Josh, Jonathan, and Magma Dragoon. These members have much better upgrades and are higher in technology, but they lack several fighting techniques that the other team had learned over years of experience. The new tech armor, and gadges though make up for that loss, so both sides are about evenly matched.

Stuff to Come... Soon, we'll venture on to both teams and see how they feel about their new found team mates. And then....

*loud bang and the mic goes silent for a moment...*

*tune comes back in* thought you could get rid of me so easily did you. Well now, I'll be hosting this thing for now on. Thought you can vote me off quickly. Now that I'm hosting, this thing will get more intresting. Offically Day 1 Starts soon, and well offer a few challenges tommorow to see which team will win. The loser will have to vote off one of their team mates. This will be stay tuned all. *evil chuckle*

Day 1: Getting Adjusted