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Welcome to the Sinister Six Characters List. The list below shows important characters that encounter The Sinister Six. The big bad enemies, and some of the most helpful and strange characters you'd never think would make this list. This list isn't a complete list, cause new characters keep popping up very often. If so, they will be added to this list...eventually.

Also notice that other teams like The Mechanical Maniacs, and X-Force for example are part of competly other teams.

The Sinister Six Gallery

The main characters of the Series. Each having their own unique and descriptive personality. Each member of The Six contribute their own personal skills and attributes that seperate them from the other members. Below is a short description of who they are and what part they play on Team Sinister Six.

Tim (Gutsman): Tim is known as the Leader and Founder of the Group. He shares much responsibilty keeping the other members in line. Tim is a very serious fellow, and everyone knows not to make him mad. Cause Gutsman can become nearly invincible when messed with. Tim enjoys all kinds of music, espcially country music. Tim's abilities include Super Human Strength, and logic thinking. Before reprogramation to be a solo Robot, Gutsman wasn't very smart, but now he's 2nd smartest on the team, shortly after Andon.

Gary (Iceman): Probably the most famous member of The Sinister Six. Gary is warm spirited and just about makes friends with anyone. Though most can get rather annoyed by his constant pranking and joking around. Gary loves to make people laugh, it's his nature. Sometimes though his pranks can tend to go overboard, which can drive people insane. Gary has unique ice attributes, and can basically do anything with it. Most enemies fear Gary though. For behind his goofy side, he's been known to take down opponents that are nearly 10 times his size.

Jason (Cutman): Cutman can be known as the group groutch at times, but somedays he's as bright and cheery as anyone else. Jason is the elsest member of the team, and most other members look up to him on being the Oldest Robot Master ever born. Jason takes pride on being a member of the Sinister Six. Mostly cause deep down inside him, he's deeply depressed. No one knows about his sorrow. Not even the other members of his team. However he takes his frustrations out on baddies with his incredible Scissor-Blades. They can slice through anything...except Rock and Stone.

Andon (Elecman): Andon is the most intellengent member of the team. The other members welcome his intellect when things get out of hand. Though every miricle comes with a flaw. Andon once brought upon a subject will rant for hours on end. Espcially when it comes to Government issues. Driving everyone around him crazy. Andon feels wrong about replacing Edward as Elecman, but the other members assure him that all is well about the subject. Andon possess all of Edward's powers. He harnesses enough Electricity to knock almost anything out cold.

IRA (Fireman): If there's one person who knows how to have a good time, it's Fireman. IRA enjoys spicey food along with some sort of Alcoholic drink by his side. Though don't underestimate him, Fireman is a very strong warrior. He enjoys battles as much as drinking, though after getting in to much he gets slightly disoriented. Sometimes he can get so drunk, he'll really freak everyone out. Besides that he's a great conversationist. IRA's abilities include an amazing amount of burning fire power. He's trained in many Martial-Arts. And the abiltity to speak spanish fluiently.

Scott: (Bombman) The opposite of Andon when it comes to brains, though Scott is always in a cheery mood...except when there's nothing to eat...then he gets a tad grumpy. Scott is an excellent cook, and he provides The Six with some of the best dishes known to man. At one time The X-Force even stole a Recipe from them. Where Bombman lacks in brains though, he makes up with sheer power. Bombman's Hyper Bombs can blow almost any obsticale away. And his experience in deactivating almost any type of bomb is an added plus. He's also an excellent team player!

The Rouge Gallery

The big, the bad, and the ugly. The baddies below represent the members of the Sinister Six Rouge Gallery. The most well known are listed below. These guys cause trouble for our heroes almost everyday. Heck...if it wasn't for these guys though, The Six would be out of the job!

Super Chaos: Big, bad, and down right mean. Super Chaos is The Sinister Six's main adversery. Most engenious deeds and schemes are usually created by this giant. Super Chaos possesses great strength and Agility. He has a large pocket full of attacks, including a massive Eye Laser, the ability to break himself into many peices, and to change his body into a clay-like substance. This gives him the ability to sculpt weapons and other deadly gadgets. Though he's extremly clumsy, and has a hatrid fear of spiders, Super Chaos is one tough opponent.

City Garage: Not one of the strongest villians, but what he lacks in strength, he measures up with mystery. Though he is constantly underestimated and he hardly shows up in any of the Sinister Six's adventures. So no one really knows what kind of powers he fully possesses. It's rummored that City Garage can mutate into other hidious forms, so no one also knows what his true form is.

Bass and Dr. Wily: Where Bass has brutal strength and awesome fighting skills, Dr. Wily has incredible brain power. Both combinations make Bass and Wily a force to be missed with. Together they seem to be unstoppable, and they both harrass The Mechnical Manicas as well as The Sinister Six.

The Insidious Six: Almost every hero has his evil clone. And The Insidous Six is no exemption. Each member of the Insidious Six is a darker mirrior image of a member of The Sinister Six. When the two teams met for the first time, The Insidious Six had the upperhand and defeated the Sinister Six. Only then The Sinister Six had used strategy and defeated the Insidious Six during the 2nd battle...barley. The I6 were banished into another realm, but bow revenge and will return one day.

The "Sinister" Six: The fake Sinister Six. These nine Robot Masters claim they are the orignal Sinister Six, and the original Megaman 3 Team. They personally enjoy humuliating The Sinister Six and The Mechanical Maniacs for this reason. Their large numbers make them a worthy team, but they lack in team work for one thing. They constantly have disputes with one another which lowers their defense majorly. So far they hadn't won a single battle because of this, even with their large number of members.

Scorpion: Created in 21XX and retrieved by Super Chaos himself. Scorpion is classified as a killing machine. Scorpion is the most cold-hearted villian the Sinister Six have ever faced. Scorpion had taken Edward's (The first Elecman's) life in an attempt to escape an explosive Space Station. Ever since his death, The "new" Sinister Six vow to destroy the green machine. Scorpion is armed to the teeth with lasers, and has the unique ability to move things with his mind. (Telekinisis). Scorpion plans on killing the rest of The Sinister Six one by one.

Red: The Orignal Iceman which was created before Gary. Red having a grim past with humans was accidently teleported to the dawn of time, where he grew in power. At that time he placed a plaque upon the human race, that if any human dies of unatural causes, he would get their soul. This worked all the way into the present...each soul he ate, giving him even more power. The power of a God. Now that Red has so much power, he has turned mad and evil. Vowing revenge on the human race and hoping to eliminate all who oppose him. Red seeks Iceman (Gary) and tries to get him to join him in his evil crusade, but he refuses. Red now hopes to kill Iceman in combat.

Santa Claus: Why the heck is Saint Nick on the Bad list? To be simple...he doesn't like The Sinister Six that much. Who can blame him. They almost ruined Christmas one year. Read The Christmas Epilouge. I can tell you now that he wouldn't fit well under the "friends list". Though he'd never attack our heroes, he simply wouldn't lift a finger to help them in combat. He's got a busy schedule to keep anyway. Including adding the Sinister Six to his naughty list...except for Bombman. Santa always puts him on his Good List.

Buster Rod G.: This character is classified as more of an outcast. Or a menace. Sometimes he'll help the Sinister Six, or evade them. Buster is armed with an mystical sphear. He can cast many different kinds of Magic Spells with it. Also Buster excels at close hand-to-hand combat. Buster Rod G. works solo without Hyper Storm H. and Mega Water S, and is an opportunitist without equal. Which ever side he'd have an advantage on, he'll fight for that side...whether good or evil. This has givin The Sinister Six many headaches.

Pulzar Beetle: No info at this time

The Allies Gallery

Where could our heroes be without some guidence from fellow crime fighters. Several of these guys serve as backup teams, or just plain come out of nowhere and help out. Whoever they are, they are befriended by The Six. Hopefully they ain't just stepping in with the Six to get all the spotlight.

Clownman: A goofy but worthy alley. Clownman finds it nessessary to help out The Sinister Six whenever they need help. Though most of the time he gets in the way or arrives a little to late to the action. Clownman also provides the comedy relief. Clownman once in a blue moon will actually save the day when the S6 are facing a grim plot.

Edward: Even though Edward (The older Elecman) had died in the end of Season 1, he still comes back in a rare occasion as a Ghost. Though in the Halloween Epilouge, he was framed by a Ghastly. We haven't seen Edward appear yet, but he'll me making himself known very soon. Will he haunt Sinister Six HQ or Help give advice? No one knows for sure yet.

The Mechanical Maniacs: Close allies to The Sinister Six, the Mechanical Manicas had formed shortly after The Sinister Six had. Leaving Wily they decided to uphold justice and fight crime. They feel The Sinister Six can't handle all the fighting on their own. After forming the team, lead by Gauntlet they have their hands full with several other trouble makers.

The X-Force: 100 years in the future The X-Force follow the trend of Teams and create the worlds most powerful Maverick Hunter team. Lead by the blood-thirsty Magma Dragoon, the team is feared in the the year 21XX. Every season they grow in strength and are known as unstoppable. A terrible trajety when Gary (Iceman) dies in 20XX. However his soul gets transferred to Split Mushroom in 21XX. If both were to meet, the results could be disastrous in the Megaman Timeline.

The Backstreet Project: A team from a completley different dimention. Where they fight for the protection of their planet from an evil queen known as Sinissta, and her deadly robots. However; while meeting the Sinister Six, they confuse them as the badguys and both teams get into a huge squabble. Later though both teams find out that they have to team up in order to retrive a sixth amulet. Ever since then The BSP had vowed to help the Sinister Six whenever they could. For now The group stay in their home world and defend it against a different form of evil.

Cossack's Creations: Strong and full of pride, Cossack's Creations was an incredible team. At one point they became more popular Than The Sinister Six. Though a while back their entire fortress was destroyed by Oilman. The CC's main Adversary. It's rummored that the Cossack's Creations will comeback someday, and everyone hopes that they will return...with a vengance.

Other Cast of Characters: The other cast of characters are unique and fun loving, and they make up most of the Megaman Community. These guys all usually fight solo or in a certain group. They all star in their own adventures and on occasion they would help out the Six, or Mechanical Maniacs, or even the X-Force when givin the chance.

Cookie Monster: Mostly found on Seseme Street, The Cookie Monster likes The Sinister Six. Cause they have lots of cookies!! He gets on Bombman's nerves a lot when he comes and steals from his cookie jar. Gutsman always welcomes the Cookie Monster. Though he possesses absoultly no battle skills, he may save the day in a certain Epilouge in Season 3...

Ridley: Seperated from his team, this Dungeons and Dragons character tries to make up his time by annoying the Sinister Six by claiming he's the 7th member. He considers the Six to be unexperienced fighters and he feels they can't accomplish nothing without his help. Though he's a skilled fighter, hardly any of his unique ablities do much damage in the Megaman Universe since he comes from a completly different dimention. Until he can find a way back home, he sticks close by The Sinister Six and Mechanical Maniacs for protection.

The Blooper: Though it rarly shows up, it's Gary's pet Blooper, from which he borrowed from ShadowBlade a while back. The Blooper enjoys showing up everyone, and its strange attributes allow it to do so. The pet Blooper had ran away from Iceman, but it still makes a comeback when the Six get in hot stu.

The Penquin: Who or what is this guy? His first appearance being in "The Twilight Zone", we no very little about this bird except for the fact that he's extremely lazy. He crashes in Sinister Six HQ until his gang comes back from where ever they went. Gutsman wants him to pay his bills, Iceman always gets into arguments with him, and Cutman just plainly wants him OUT! The Penquin plans on getting more cameos within future stories.

Characters will be updated as they are introduced.

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