A Special Tribute

To all of those who helped my page grow

don't point your mouse at me! Welcome to my Thanks Section. This page honors the many who helped me with the Ice Palace and Sinister Six.com. Below I'll list all the people who helped me...all which are good dear friends.

A Special Thank You to:

A Met with compassion

First off, I'd like to thank my good friend and buddy Xardion. Without his help I wouldn't have any "good" banners. Yes, Xardion made two of my page banners. Like this one and And this one. Xardion also did some animations for me since I don't yet have an animation program. So thank you Xardion for all your help and for being a good friend.

A Special Thank You to:

A darn nice fella

My Mega Man Soccer Conversion wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for the sprite making capabilities of Megamanxtreme. A true friend at heart. I want to thank him for being there for support of the Ice Palace, and for helping out with sprites and conversions. So thank you Megamanxtreme for the help and support!

A Special Thank You to:

A friend to the end

Ahh. One of my bestest friends. Fanewgie's always been a supporter of the Ice Palace ever since we met, and we have always helped one another when the time called for it. Fanewgie also helped out with the Mega Man Soccer convention by making me a Heat Man Sprite. It looks great Fane! So thank you Fanewgie for being a friend and helping out.

A Special Thank You to:

A friend to all

Thanks to Drizl I have quite a collection of Mega Man Soccer conversions. I want to thank him personally for these awesome sprites. He's always willing to give a helping hand and for this I'm grateful. So thank you to Drizl for helping out and being a good buddy.

A Special Thank You to:
Cyclone Man

A nice guy...with wings

I've known Cyclone Man through High School, and well...he's helped me greatly through life itself. As for the Ice Palace he tutored me in HTML. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have the knowledge of making a webpage. A very special thanks to my forever partner in battle Cyclone Man.

A Special Thank You to:

Kind to all

Shortcut has always supported the Ice Palace. And he's willing and kind to everyone. I acknowledge all his tidbits and advise since it helps me out in many ways. Infact he told me that he'd help me make a Frames layout for my page. And I want to thank him for that and all his help in the past. Thank you.

A Special Thank You to:

The kinda friend you can get attached to

Always making me laugh, Egoraptor is a good friend an all out friendly dino. I want to thank him for the animatedBubble Man sprite. It is a work of genius. I also want to thank him for numerous other reasons. So thanks to Egoraptor for helping out whenever you could.

A Special Thank You to:
Auto and Lysekoid

Two valuable webmasters

I want to thank both Lysekoid and Auto for the sprites that they let me use on my page. I must say that the both of them are incredibly talented in sprite making. I can understand the hard work making sprites pixel by pixel. I do it myself. So thanks to these two hard working friends.

A Special Thank You to:
Pixel Boy

A true dedicated Mega Man fan

Pixelboy. Man. What can I say? He's an inspiration to all of us. It's only right to thank him. He started a trend and fashion that none of us will forget, and for that I thank him with giving and heart. I will never forget his once proud Mainframe. Thank you for allowing me to use your character descriptions, and thank you for showing us the true meaning of Mega Man.

A Special Thank You to:
IRA (Fire Man)

A friend with a burning personally

Fellow artist and another one of my best friends. I want to thank IRA for complementing me of my artwork. I personally think my artwork sucks, but he employs that it's good and worth publication. IRA is a very talented artist, and getting a compliment from him makes me feel better about my work. Thank you IRA for also supporting the Ice Palace, my artwork and being one of my best friends.

A Special Thank You to:
Plant Man

A fellow Robot Master and a good friend

Plant Man has been a big inspiration for me. Besides Ice Man, Plant Man has always been one of my favorite Robot Masters. Plant Man helped me out with a cool new background for my page and he's giving me lots of cool ideas. I wish you luck in the future buddy!

A Special Thank You to:

A guy who loves to help out

I wanna thank Threat for the cool MM soccer sprites he sent me via email. Once I open up the Mega Man Soccer Conversions you'll be able to see some of his really neat work. Also thanks for supporting the Ice Palace Threat!

A Special Thank You to:
Entity and Spybreak

True Dedicated Mega Man fans

Entity and Spybreak. These two deserve some recognition. Without these two, the MM Soccer Conversion Project wouldn't be where it is today. I want to thank them both for their hard work and creativity. They are indeed very talented sprite makers.

A Special Thank You to:
Snifit Brod

Always on the helping hand

Snifit Brod has always supported the Ice Palace. And he is a grateful. friend and fellow Mega Man fan. He submitted Soccer Sprites and awesome Powerbattle Animations for the Ice Man Memorium. I am indeed grateful. with his skills in animations. Thanks buddy!

A Special Thank You to:
M Sipher

A Great Mega Man Art Master

I've always enjoyed M Sipher's terrific art techniques and skills. And like IRA Infact, he inspired me to do art of my own. I want to thank M Sipher for allowing me to use his awesome Shark Man Mugshot. It's just great! I've been itching to see what that guy looked like!

A Special Thank You to:

A good friend of mine

Gauntlet has become very helpful and considerate due to the amount of help and information he's given me on the PC characters! These characters are extremely hard to find, so hardly nobody knows what they look like. So thanks to Gauntlet I am able to create a soon to be "PC Character Database"! You can view some of his cool PC character CDs by looking at Volt Man and Blade Man!

He's also been invaluable at mending my site after it was hacked spending hours upon hours going through every little file and reformatting even the smallest of pages so the site could be more comprehensive than ever.

A Special Thank You to:
The Rest of the Sinister Six

A group that will never perish

What can I say? These guys have been with me sense I was in Middle School I want to thank each of them for being there and helped me follow my dreams. A special thanks to Tim (Guts Man), Edward (Elec Man), Andon (Elec Man 2), Scott (Bomb Man), and Jason and IRA (I only know these two online)! Thanks you guys.

A Special Thank You to:

One of my mentors

Why am I thanking Eye-lephant? I mean...he's me! Well, I'm thanking Eye-lephant for being a good host. Sometimes hosting as Ice Man...well...get's nerve racking. So Eye-lephant is always there for backup. Thanks to Eye-lephant and Madballs in general for helping me find my interests.

A Special Thank You to:

A good server until Yahoo got a hold of 'em

I want to thank Geocities for making my page successful and all flashy. I always felt at home with them, and enjoyed working with them. But now that Yahoo has claimed over them, it just isn't the same. I want to thank Geocities for good service and for being there if the system was to crash. =P

Oh yeah. Thanks to Slash Man. He's got such a cool theme song. Da DA DA, de de do do. Okay, I'll stop.

Once again, thank you all.