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This timeline lists major events in the Mega Man Trilogy, when they happened, and any related movies, cartoons, novels, video games, comics, and so forth. The dates are relative to the 20XX years, which is set at the year 2010 (Approximate time period). Therefor e, if anyone knows the "actual" dates contact me! The publications are followed by a letter in parentheses, which indicates the type of publication. The code is as follows:



Major Event

Related, Cartoon, Novel, etc.


The first Madballs were born.
Known today as the Ancient Race, before Screamin Meemie and Wolf Breath's existence, and a period of galactic peace and expansion begins.



Screamin Meemie and friends were born.

Madballs Comic #1 (c)


The first eight Madballs: Screamin Meemie, Horn Head, Dusty Dust Brain, Skull Face, Oculus Orbus, Crack Head, Slobulus, and Aargh.
Scream and crew become friends and start their own adventures.

Marvel Comic Series (c)


Other characters were born. Including Wolf Breath himself, who joins Screamin Meemie to become the team known as "Madballs". They become allies (surprised?) and have even more adventures

Madballs Comic #2- 12 (or last comic in Marvel series) (c)


Other Madballs were formed
Teams were made to organize the population.

Flash back in "Who are the Madballs" (tva)


Teams began to compete with one another for power and order.
Wolf Breath and many others become outcasts.

Madballs: King of the Empire (n),
Flashback in "Who are the Madballs" (tva)


After constant feuding over many centuries:
The most powerful teams were chosen to lead. Screamin Meemie's team was one of the greater powers. They called themselves "Super Madballs".

Star Comics #1-7 (c)
Madball Cartoon series started focusing in this era (tva)


The Battle for Try City
A very important battle for capture of Try City. The two teams fighting were the Legwires, and Zoo Zombies. Zoo Zombies won the battle and took Try City as their home.

The Battle of Try City (c)
The first Madball War. (tva)


Scream and his Madballs developed a rein over their followers.
The Madball Team became feared.

The Madballs turned evil? (c)
The turning point in the Madball Saga (n)
Scream's evil rein (tva)


The battle of impeachment
Several teams of different Madballs formed an alliance to take on the Madballs rein.
Madball lost their power over the followers, but they still won the battle.

Time to fight back (c) The turning point in the Madball Saga (n)

Scream's evil rein (episode 2) (tva)


Madballs Peace Treaty was signed.

The turning point in the Madball Saga (n)


The Great Gas age occurred:
Very important part in the Madball Saga. This gas age killed off many Madballs. Only the strong ones survived. This greatly deduced the Madball population. In fact the Madballs that did survive were somehow granted with supernatural powers, being the strange gas cloud that gloomed over Planet Orb.

The death of the Madballs? (n)
"Meet The Madballs" (Flashback) (tvm)
The Great Gas Age (by Star Comic Series) (c)
Madballs in danger (c) (by Marvel)
The Great Gas age (tva)


Madballs reformed after the gas age.

A recovery (tva)
Madballs unstoppable (c)
"Meet The Madballs" (Flashback) (tvm)


The Planet became more organized. Monuments, castles and towns were built
Alliances were formed. The remaining Madballs revealed themselves (most of them anyway) Scream and his team survived along with Wolf Breath (who was thought to of died)



The Battle of Exor:
Supernatural invader plans on world conquest. Scream's Madball team takes off to battle the invasion. (quote: When The Legend Began) Madballs also learn to use their powers.
(1)Wolf Breath joins the team. (2)The crew get help from another supernatural being, Pyro Star

"Madballs Timewarp (g)
The battle to destroy Exor (n)


Exor is defeated:
Dr. Hairline Fracture (Exor's apprentice) is banished from Planet Orb for betraying his own kind.

"Madballs Timewarp (ending) (g)
The Battle to destroy Exor (n)


Madballs meet Eye-lephant (former Zoo Zombie member)
Old teams (like The Zoo Zombies) became broken up and spread out around the planet.

Madballs: To the Next Power (c) (Star Comic series started to do Madball comics like crazy!)


Wolf Breath became evil and started an army of his own called the Dark Madballs (Badballs):
The Fall of the Outcasts- A dark period of corruption and social injustice sweep through the Madball community, paving the way for Wolf Breath's rise to power.

Star Comic Series start here (c)
New Madball cartoon series start here as well (tva)


Now there were only three Major teams formed on the planet. The Madballs, the Badballs, and the citizens. The Madballs became the hero's, while the Badballs became the villains.

Madballs: Good vs Evil (c)
Madball cartoon series (tva)

21-1600 (?)

Battles happen now and then to prove which side is stronger. Madballs seemed to always have an edge. Both sides frequently get new members to join.

Madball Cartoon Series (tva)
"Meet The Madballs" (tvm)
Madball Action Games:
Madballs: City In Crisis (g)
Madballs 2: Scream Rises Again (g)
Madballs 3 (g)
Madballs 4 (g)
Madballs 5 (g)
Madballs 6 (Madballs 64) (g) This game was canceled.


Madballs compete with the Badballs on a quest to retrieve six lost stars.

Madballs: Search for the Six Stars (c)


Scream's brother Tongue Lasher turns to an outcast.
This was predicted in the Madballs: Search for the Six Stars comic book.
Scream feels bothered that his brother started a hatred for him.

Madballs Cartoons: Season 2 (tva)


Slobulus and Aargh break from the Madballs and start adventures of their own.

The non-adventures of Aargh and Slobulus (c) -by Imation comics


Madballs and Badballs start for interplanetary battles.
You get to see what other planets are in the Madballs's system! Planetary battles!!

Madballs: Deep Space (g)
Madballs: Space Wars (c)
Madballs in Space (Season 3) (Only about six episodes though)


Wolf Breath is seized on the Planet Rathe and peace then returns to the Madball System.

Madballs Season 3 Cartoons (tva)
Madballs: Deep Space (g)
Madballs: The Lost Saga (n) (this novel is screwed up in my opinion) Says that Scream actually meets Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2 (Star Wars)


Toad turns into a mercenary and starts a robot rebellion, called "Repliforce"
After Wolf Breath's defeat, Toad gave up working for him and decided to create reploids of his own (He's a robotic genius)
Nitro and Skull Brain are presumably killed after an attack from Toad's robotic minions. (But later proved that they did survive)
Repliforce is finally brought down in 1801.

The Repliforce: Lead By Toad (c)
Madballs Vs Repliforce (n,s)
The Madballs meet The Repliforce (tva)
Repliforce (Robotic Madballs)(n)


Toad is overthrown.
Once again Screamin Meemie and his team proves victory. (Remember that Aargh and Slobulus are no longer on the team.)
Wolf Breath secretly starts back into his supreme power once again with a secret weapon.

The Repliforce: Lead By Toad (c)
Repliforce (Robotic Madballs) (n)


After 20 years of peace Wolf Breath attempts to overthrow the Madball Kingdom with his secret weapon, but Scream and the Zoo Zombies join forces and defeat him.
However there was a casualty as Eye-lephant fell victim to Wolf Breath's ray gun (secret weapon) and has mysteriously vanished.

Wolf Breath Strikes back(n)
Eye-lephant's funeral(n) (part two from the first one)
Wolf Breath Strikes Back (c)
Madballs (Season finally) The loss of a hero (tva)


The continuing adventures of Eye-lephant! (He's not dead!)

Eye-lephant novels (1-3) (n)
The story of these novels are Eye-lephant in a different universe. I personally don't like these novels at all, so I like to say Eye-lephant is presumed dead. :(


Crack Head leaves the Madballs to become a scientist.

The Brain Surgeon(n)


Wolf Breath harness's the power of Toad's Robotic military.
Wolf Breath some how brings Toad's past creations back to life, and builds some of his own to counter what's left of the Madballs.
Tongue Lasher then makes himself known.

Wolf Breath's recreation(n,c)
Tongue Lasher's secret (n) (continued after the first novel)
A second stance (c)


First Supreme Madball Revealed.
After centuries and centuries of adventures Tongue Lasher has stumbled upon the secret of the Power Sabres. Four Sabres have been mysteriously giving to four Madballs after the Gas Age occurred and this has been a secret until Tongue Lasher has retrieved his. These four Madballs are called "Supreme Madballs" The most powerful warriors.

Tongue Lasher's secret (n)
The Power Sabres Revealed!(c)
Madballs Cartoon: Season 4 (tva)


Wolf Breath and Screamin Meemie establish their own Power Sabres
Tongue Lasher hopes to destroy his brother (Scream) with his new found abilities only to find out, his brother is to a Supreme Madball.
Wolf Breath learns from spying on the brother's battle that he to is a Supreme warrior.
Three of the four Supreme's have been identified. Who is the forth?

Madballs (Season 4) (tva)
The novels and comics stopped here. I don't blame them since this is pretty much where the Madball Saga got "really bad"


Wolf Breath announces "Secondary Madballs".
Secondary Madballs are warriors one step below Supreme Madballs.
Wolf Breath plans for an attack at Madball Kingdom

"Wolf Breath's Plan" Madballs: Season 4(tva)


Wolf Breath launches his assault on Madball Kingdom a month later.
Scream and his team fend off the intruders only to find out that it was lure.
Scream's Power Sabre has been stolen and Dusty has been kidnapped.

Madballs: Season 4 (tva)


While Scream attempts to rescue Dusty and his Power Sabre from Wolf Breath. Oculus, Skull Face, and Horn Head go after the "Robot Brain" to stop all Reploid attacks on Madball Kingdom.
Once Scream get's his sabre, he get's challenged from his not so friendly brother to a duel.

Madballs: Season 4(tva)


After defeating Tongue Lasher and successfully stopping Wolf Breath, he meets the others (who destroyed the Robot Brain) Only to find that Dusty is still missing.
Scream begins a quest to find the whereabouts of Dusty.

Madballs: Season 4(tva)


Tongue Laster starts his own series. Where this leads to? I don't know, they're are no sources about this yet. Just rumors...



Toad is revealed to have the 4th Power Sabre.
Madballs Cartoon Series (4) continues from this point. Scream finding Dusty, and so forth. What does the future hold for the Madballs? I hope it's better than this Supreme Madball, Power Sabre c**p!!!


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