Tribute to Plant Man

A true dedicated Robot Master

don't point your mouse at me!Welcome to my tribute to Plant Man. Now I find all over the net that people are bashing Plant Man because they think he's a stupid Robot Master idea. I see comics making fun of him, I see people dissing him because of his name and how he should be renamed Flower Man. I don't know about you, but this gets my goat. Plant Man is a awesome robot. So I set up this page for him.

I haven't a clue what to put here just yet. Maybe a petition for people to sign saying Plant Man isn't a dumb RM idea. I know it's lame...but I'll come up with something.

Here are some Plant Man Pics I got.


All vast in Plant Man's immortal Glow!

Ice Man: Ack! I was only kidding Plant Man! Put those sharp vines away!
Plant Man: I told you to stop freezing me on purpose! Now you'll pay!