The 4 Easy Ways To Make Money On NFT Launchpads For Beginners

The 4 Easy Ways To Make Money On NFT Launchpads For Beginners

The new NFT space has become the real deal for young and old folks who want an easier way to make money without spending time on formal jobs or wanting to create another income stream to support their daily endeavors.

In most developing countries, NFT is the new song at home and on the streets. Especially in the elite world, everybody wants to join the moving train. However, it is astonishing that not everybody knows how much money is lying on crypto launchpad

Interestingly, everybody wants to earn crypto and save for the future, but only a few know they can do that with NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are among the easiest ways to store crypto in your digital wallet and use it to pay bills, purchase real-life assets, or convert it to liquid cash in hand or at the bank. 

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The 4 Easy Ways To Make Money On NFT Launchpads For Beginners

Ever since the launch of the NFTs a few years back, people from different part of the world has been spending on the tokens consistently. Recently, the trading activities on non-fungible tokens soared higher as over $37 billion was spent across various NFT launchpads. What’s more? The trading activities on NFT launchpads are not in any way declining as the platforms are waiting to hit record sales 

Milestone before the end of 2022

How profitable are NFTs?

NFTs are making a massive contribution to the present world economy. Not only that, the future of the tokens is brilliant and guaranteed success. To research, people from different countries are making huge money with NFTs. Indeed, the consistent increase in trading activities on various NFT launchpads has proven that many more people are showing interest in the new money-making discovery. 

You can also join the ever-growing NFT movement and start building a future for yourself. But, the question is ‘How?’ In most cases, newcomers always have issues maximizing the use of NFT launchpads to trade NT items and get paid. If you are also in that category, we are here to help you. 

In this article, you will learn the simple ways to earn huge money with NFTs, even as a newcomer. You will also learn how to maximize the numerous opportunities on NFT launchpads to make your NFT projects attractive to ready investors.

Without further ado, let’s go into the details.

How To Make Money With NFTs On NFT Launchpads 

As a newcomer in the NFT launchpad environment, you must follow these four simple tricks to earn quickly with NFTs. 

1. Invest in NFT public sales or presales 

As a beginner, presales or public sales can be your best shot. If you know how to deal with it, you can make more than you expected within the shortest time possible. Considering NFTs’ recent performance across various launchpads, it is assured that they will continue to increase in value yearly. At least, no speculation of dropping yet. 

Meanwhile, it is essential to ensure you invest in the most promising NFT projects alone and get involved early when their value is not yet high. If you buy early and they increase in value, you get huge money. Mostly, NFTs’ resale values are always more than the initial purchase value. That is to assure you that your investment is in safe hands. 

Most presently expensive NFTs on various NFT launchpads were sold initially for a much lower amount which ranges between $1 – $35. However, after the upsurge in 2021, they increased in value and became profits for their owners in a few months. The good news is that their value is still on the increase. 

The 4 Easy Ways To Make Money On NFT Launchpads For Beginners

2. Flipping NFTs

If you have been very familiar with the real estate business over the years, you wouldn’t need much explanation on the concept of flipping. But in case you are not, we’ve got you covered. Generally, flipping means buying an asset for a lower price to sell them for a higher price to get higher returns. Mind you, buying at a low price and selling at a higher price might not necessarily mean you are getting higher returns. That’s where you need professionalism. 

The most profitable way to flip NFTs is to buy all the NFT projects available on NFT launchpads when they are still very cheap. The idea is to ensure you have all of them in your wallet since you can’t predict the one that will perform better in the future. If any of them booms later, you can be sure you have a portion in your wallet. You will then resell and get lots of money for your wise decision. And if multiple tokens rise simultaneously, you only have numerous advantages.

No matter the market performance, NFTs are guaranteed profits. You have nothing to lose buying as many as possible. You only need to be sure you invest in the ones leading the edge in the NFT space and sit back to watch your money increase. Note that NFT projects with fewer items are more promising in profit-making.  

3. Minting NFTs yourself 

Minting NFTs yourself can bring you much more money, but only a few people know this secret. I know you want to invest big on NFT projects, but have you considered minting? 

What’s minting? Minting means creating and publishing your digital assets on NFT launchpads to attract investors. Your digital asset might be game items, photography, art, music, videos, or anything. NFT launchpads allow you to showcase your NFT projects to top investors and make them purchasable.

To mint, an NFT project costs no stress, and the process is simple. The impact of leading marketplaces like AirNFTs and OpenSea has made it even easier for beginners to convert their projects to cash. If you are minting your NFT, make sure your work is original, impressive, and unique.

4. Play-To-Earn NFT Games 

Gone are the days when gamers play for just passion and entertainment. Nowadays, people play games to make money. You can play several NFT games to earn in-game tokens, which you can convert to real-life cash. 

In Conclusion 

NFTs remain the newest way to make money without much effort. You can create an NFT investment as your primary source of income or as a side hustle to support whatever other business you are doing since you don’t have to monitor the market before you make gains actively. Meanwhile, as a beginner, you are expected to speak with an experienced investor for further orientation.