The 5 Most Promising NFTs to Invest In On NFT Launchpads

The 5 Most Promising NFTs to Invest In On NFT Launchpads

In the world of digital assets investment, NFT is the new trend. Both young and older adults of different classes are following the rush into the NFT launchpads to invest in NFTs items. Indeed, NFTs are a good investment idea for any who has them. Whether you purchase it to support a creator or you deliberately decide to convert your liquid cash to digital assets for futures, it’s all for profit.

One thing to remember when investing in nft launchpad is that the tokens are not for immediate gain. Just like crypto, it needs more time to become the money-making investment you expect it to be. As a matter of fact, NFTs increase in value over time. The more you wait, the more money you get. Click here for how best play to earn games are coming up.

Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that your NFT will hit a specific price tag at a particular time. But you can be sure of increment in value over time. 

The truth is, how much money you would make from your NFT investment largely depends on the quality of the NFT you invest in. does that means there are differences in NFTs? Yes. Like you have in the Crypto world where Bitcoin and Ethereum are more expensive than XRP and DOGE. In the same vein, some Non-fungible tokens are more costly than others. 

So, how do you know the best NFT worth the chase amongst the numerous options available on NFT launchpads? That’s why you need this article. We’re here to aid you in finding the best NFTs available in the market that first-time investors like you can purchase for huge profits. 

We have helped you streamline the long list to the best five that even experienced investors seek as they move from one NFT launchpad to another. 

Best 5 NFTs to invest in 2022

1. CryptoPunks 

If you have done personal research on several NFT launchpads looking for a promising NFT to purchase, you must have read or heard about this token at least once. The name CryptoPunks is becoming a household name on top NFT launchpads for its consistent upsoar value. 

CryptoPunks is one of the first-ever NFT collections. It was officially launched in 2017 and has become a good token to trust. Its performance in the NFT trading platforms had earned the token a ‘first mover’ status even before the NFT boom exploded. Now, investors regard the tokens collections as premium digital assets as many investors are rushing to put their money in the blow. 

For the records, CryptoPunks now sell for millions of dollars. But it was sold in hundreds far back in 2017. That simple analysis shows how much increment in value you can expect in the future. 

The 5 Most Promising NFTs to Invest In On NFT Launchpads

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club

This Non-fungible Token is among the most thriving on various NFT launchpads. It is unarguably one of the best tokens worth the investment. High-profiled people and celebrities mostly own bored Ape Yacht Club. That alone suggests how credible, valuable and prestigious the tokens can be as they breathe in your wallet. 

This NFT is a collection of valuable 10,000 pieces of non-fungible tokens art that portrays bored apes. Though the collections were understated when launched on NFT launchpads, the Apes became a center of attraction for distinguished members of the society, especially those with higher profiles seeing them as a status symbol. 

With many high top class people getting involved, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s sales have flown up to more than $1 billion. And that’s just the present figure. An increase in value is expected in the nearest few months. What do you expect from an NFT collection in which top US rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg have invested considerably? If you are interested in cashing out from NFTs, Bored Ape Yacht Club is among the most recommendable.

3. Mythic

Here is another lucrative NFT item you can add to your wallet for higher profits. Mythic is also a collection of NFTs items comprising up to 3,333 pieces of impressive art that displays anime characters and Cyberpunk. Mythic remains the most dependable regarding value appreciation in a short period. That’s one of the principal reasons most investors prefer investing in it, even if they have other NFT investments. 

Aside from the consistent value appreciation, Mythic also enchant its investors with various additional benefits. The icing on the cake may include free access to a Discord server that enables all owns to monitor the upcoming NFT drops, the opportunity to measure the potential future value of the token, and the abundant access to a plethora of software tools that help investors streamline the NFT investing process on NFT launchpads.

The 5 Most Promising NFTs to Invest In On NFT Launchpads

4. Embers 

Embers is a juicy NFT collection that is worth consideration, especially for first-time investors. You would undoubtedly not want to take a bigger risk at the beginning of your NFT investment. For that reason, Embers might be the best NFT for you as it is one of the tokens with a stable value swing. 

Like other NFT collections, embers are simple but impressive art pieces, with each containing distinctive traits and aesthetics. The developers of these profitable NFTs are set to release the collection soon on various NFT launchpads. The release will comprise 5,555 non-fungible tokens, all for grabs for new investors. Notably, the developer released a statement earlier this year about how well they have mastered the NFTs roadmap for the future.

5. Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins comprises a collection of up to 8,888 penguins that are randomly generated for investors to purchase and showcase as their display pictures on social media platforms. The developers launched the collection on NFT launchpads in 2021 and have since accrued up to $150 million in trading volume. Though the penguins are sold for 0.03 Eth at the minting period, some Penguins have broken the ground to records up to $450 000 as the sales price. 

Final Words 

Knowing the best NFTs to invest in among the pool of increasing competition is the beginning of profit-making on NFT launchpads. The above NFTs are worth your money and can confidently buy a future of financial freedom. Of course, you must also learn how to operate within the booming market to handle your income correctly.