How to make $100 per day with these play to earn games

How to make $100 per day with these play to earn games

Would you trust us if we told you that playing online play to earn games may earn you $100 every day? Most people are probably unaware that there is a brand-new genre that is fast gaining popularity.

Learn how to earn $100 every day with these NFT play to earn games, play-to-earn games, and blockchain-based play to earn games now.

As more people get interested in NFT play to earn games, they are becoming more popular. Players may participate in a range of gaming activities using these nonfungible token titles.

Aside from that, depending on the game, consumers may earn bitcoin via their characters, commodities, and other in-game items.

Because some artists and game developers have started to make large money from these digital tokens, NFT has increased in popularity. Nonfungible currencies, unlike crypto, will vary in value depending on their popularity. This means that if the game or artwork becomes popular, they may be sold at a higher price than similar digital tokens.

Different game specialists have provided tips on how to increase your profits from these play to earn games since NFT gaming became a thing. The Prodigy’s YouTube channel has released a video explaining the best nonfungible token-based play to gain games for daily earnings of over $100.


The NFT release “Splinterlands,” according to the prominent YouTuber, is one of the finest titles available. It is centered on swapping digital in-game cards.

You may personalize your deck of cards, as well as the qualities and abilities connected with them, in “Splinterlands.” Splinterlands is one of the most popular play-to-earn games in the twenty-first century. It’s a non-linear tactical card game in which you collect character cards with unique traits and then use them to fight other players.

All cards in the game are NFTs, ensuring that players have the legal right to own them. One of the game’s advantages is that everyone has a chance to win, regardless of their experience, skill level, or card collection size. Completing battles, competitions, and chores earns players native tokens.

Furthermore, you may freely trade your cards on the secondary market. You may have fun while earning tokens and NFTs in this way.

‘Lost Artifacts’ is a term used to describe a collection of items that have been lost

“Lost Relics,” on the other hand, is another outstanding NFT title with the potential to earn you $100 per day. It has gaming elements similar to “Diablo.”

In this game, you may fight foes, complete quests, penetrate dungeons, and steal the finest treasures. Furthermore, these items have a blockchain kind, which is the one that allows for revenue generating.

How to make $100 per day with these play to earn games

Axie Infinity 

“Axie Infinity” will remain one of the best NFT play to earn games for producing continuous cash in the future. This, however, may change based on AXS’s current situation. This game has the potential to pay out more than $100 every day to gamers.

However, their capacity to acquire SLP will still be a factor (Smooth Love Potion). They may easily sell SLPs after they have accumulated a significant amount. In addition to the items, they may offer their own personalities.

In our ranking of the greatest NFT play to earn games, Axie Infinity comes in #1! It’s a fun Ethereum NFT collecting game in which players compete to breed new Axie digital creatures.

To get started, you’ll need to download the game, register, and buy at least three Axies. Each Axie is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible NFT token. You may utilize your Axies to build your collection, trade them, join teams, and combat other players.

In Axie Infinity, you may make money by selling your digital pets. You’ll get SLP and AXS tokens for each victory. SLP is a cryptocurrency that may be used to crossbreed existing Axies and sell the resulting baby Axie.

Playing Axie Infinity may now earn you roughly $5 per hour. However, this sum is vulnerable to significant rise in parallel with the SLP coin price.

How to make $100 per day with these play to earn games

The Town’s Star

Our selection of free NFT play to earn games also includes The Town’s Star, which is absolutely free to play. If you want to be very competitive, though, a handful of the in-game NFTs will come in helpful.

While not everyone would agree that investing money resources will help players perform better, the bulk of NFT play to earn games will use such ideas.

The game is built on a competitive simulation in which participants construct their own farms. The event will run one week, after which the champions will be declared. The winners are honored with GALA coins. Users may also mine BOXcoin in the game, however this requires a substantial investment.


This is a card game that may be collected. There are so-called “ultra rare” cards in the NFT game that include football players from all around the globe. These items may be used by players to create their own virtual football team.

After establishing a league, they may now compete against other players in numerous current leagues.

You should educate yourself with the top five NFT markets for acquiring and selling NFT artworks in addition to knowing the best NFT play to earn games to play.

Before you may play any of the NFT games listed above, you must first make a deposit. This means that many new players will be hesitant to pay money to play “Lost Relics” or other nonfungible token-based games.

If you’re a beginner, we propose the free-to-play NFTs below:

  • Unchained Gods
  • Superheroes of Defense
  • Guild of Guardians

The most important thing is to get started playing right away, not to wait too long until the bus comes, and to keep an eye out for upcoming NFT games to score points!